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About Us

Who We Are

We are a fully private dental clinic offering high-quality teeth straightening, cosmetic, and general dental treatments. Our team of more than 20 professionals is highly trained to serve our patients’ needs.

We use the latest technologies to offer you the best possible dental solutions, including 3D computer imaging with low-radiation X-rays and soft-tissue lasers. In addition, we offer advanced pain-free techniques to ensure your comfort.

Medical Team


Our clinic's Chief Medical, Dr. Mark Hoffman has been working in this field of medical specialization since 2002. He has been obtaining his chief position at our clinic since 2010.

Dental Hygienist

Ms. Peterson is an experienced specialist with many years of expertise in dental hygiene. Her work is concentrated on helping Dr. Hoffman with the treatment of their clients.

Practice Nurse

As our Practice Nurse, Dana works within the community, planning and providing nursing care, treatment, and health education for clients of all ages.

Patient Services Manager

Kimberly coordinates, plans, and manages patient service activities complying with the standards of our dental clinic, while introducing new trends of patient care.

Why choose Intense?

Our vision

We see modern dentistry in creating and developing a community where everyone has access to dental care services.

Our mission

To improve the overall health of local residents and guests of the area by providing free preventative dental care.

Our approach

The approach of Intense dental clinic is based on a reasonable treatment plan created together by the dentist and patient.

Contact Us

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